On the Road, but at all the usual haunts…

We’re having a planning meeting at Q2 this week. For a team which does most of its work together on the phone and in team discussion spaces, its a real treat to have the luxury of meeting face-to-face, of being able to riff back and forth and have that energy that people together bring to human enterprise.  I’m really looking forward to this meeting!

I’m on the road today, blogging from the airport thanks to the ubiquity of wi-fi.  And because airports are loud, and phone conversations from them are not that easy, I find myself working pretty much the way I always do. Checking the team site for the stuff we’re supposed to read to prepare for our meetings, posting about weather issues affecting my arrival time, IMing to get access to those of our sites which are protected from foreign IP’s so I can set some new stuff up.

I’ve got some magazines, too, for that enforced lids-down time which is part of the airborne experience. But it’s amazing how at home that wireless connection — and virtual “places” where the people I know and depend upon can reliably be found, helps me be whereever I am. I’ll call home this evening, to hear about everyone’s day with full voice bandwidth, but I’ll probably still see my teenaged daughter on AIM later on and we’ll do the “virtual tuck-in” routine we developed a few years ago for such occasions.  I’ll be able to check in on some of my online friends, too.

Some days, all these tools feel overwhelming. Today they are a comfort.

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  1. Barb McDonald

    Hi Valerie, When my family travels to Ireland in May to visit my husband’s family, we will be spending a month in Ireland, but working 2 of the weeks we are there. To add another layer, we will probably be bringing our VoIP phones with us, too, making physical location even less of an issue. I’ll be counting on these tools to stay in touch with our family here in the States who will be keeping an eye on our house and caring for our cat. I agree with you about the comfort these tools can provide. It’s nice to hear someone else who appreciates them instead of bemoaning them.

  2. Bill Bruck

    I remember years back when I had my first cell phone that had nationwide long distance without roaming. I was in San Francisco and realized that I was, effectively, still “on my office phone” – as available to team members and customers as if I were in the office.

    I had a similar epiphany recently when I updated my notebook computer. I purchased one that has the Sprint WAN service in it. Suddenly, I can work from my mom’s house for an afternoon. My family can travel to the beach during a workday and I can work from the back seat of the van. (And we can stay at the beach an extra day or two because I can work from the beach house.) I can go to a doctor’s appointment and not feel frustrated with the 40 minute wait, since I can be composing this post online right there.

    It’s another step into a totally wired world.

    (Of course, there are downsides as well, but right now I’m enjoying the positives!)

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