Learn Wiki via YouTube

I’m becoming a big fan of the commoncraft show, where Lee and Sachi LeFever posts their brilliant introductions to Web 2.0 elements.

His low-tech representations of the workings of RSS and most recently,  Wikis, using a white board, marker, and cut-outs of screen elements, somehow seem so much friendlier than the screencam approaches we’ve all become accustomed to.

I think the jury is still out on whether Wikis will ultimately become the tool of choice for shared documents.  They are great when you foresee the need to create links back and forth among a number of pages, but I’ll confess, when I wanted to coordinate with my family on Thanksgiving dinner, I chose Google Docs, on the theory that everyone I was working with already knows how to use a word processor, and the holidays are a lousy time to invite people to learn a new interface.

If Wiki does eventually gain the wide acceptance (and by acceptance, I mean interest in creating as well as consuming content) among the ungeeky that search engines, mp3 and Youtube enjoy, it’ll be in large part because of the really friendly introduction LeFever and his team has created.