Training for Creativity?

Adobe commissioned a global study on creativity and released it this week.  It’s an interesting and light read, since it’s mostly charts and graphs.  It’s nice to see that around the world, (or at least in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan)  we agree that people are inherently creative,  irrespective of age and opportunity to share our creative products online.  A minority  of the respondents believed themselves to be creative, but most figure they are not living up to their creative potential. We all tend to value that creative spark in ourselves.  Most of us do most of our creating outside of work hours, but spend 20-30% of work time in creative pursuits, as well.

Adobe, of course, is very interested in selling tools for creativity, and training on these tools, so their questions, and interpretations of the answers to them, might be just a touch self-serving.  But I do find it interesting that 23-38% of respondents expressed interest in training on how to use creative tools.  Whether it’s lessons in oils and watercolors, or the latest photoshop, many of us recognize that upskilling is part of the process in becoming more effective creators.

Of course, upskilling in our not-so-creative work might be another road to creativity. Becoming more efficient and effective in ourwork would help us address the major barriers people see to creativity – lack of time and money!