Mobile Learning Update

I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground on the explosion of mobile internet, trying to get to what’s really going on, beyond the hype.  Because I think, at a high level, what’s really going on with mobile is a whole lot of just-in-time informal learning.

I hear from news reports that people are using their phones to comparison shop while in brick and mortar stores.  I’m sure this is happening in some places, but my experience is that I often don’t actually have signal when I’m in a store.

My friends at , where volunteers are creating free audiobooks from the books in the public domain, report that 44% of the access to their site is via mobile browser these days.  They are planning a web site redesign, and will be taking this change into account.  Happily, the design considerations for a mobile interface align closely with those for creating an interface which is accessible to the vision-impaired, so there’s a double-win there.

Is snarfing a listenable copy of Hamlet or Emma while on the bus to work the consumption of entertainment, or learning?  I’m not sure, but I really like it!