Gotta love Breaking Science News! I normally prettify link text, but in this case, the URL says it all: Raise your hand if you find this shocking. (Didn’t think I’d see any hands…) Per the article: “Freeman and a group of colleagues analyzed 225 studies of undergraduate STEM teaching methods. The meta-analysis, published online

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Content is not Training!

Watching a demo for yet another elearning module management product, I feel a rant coming on. I learn a lot from watching videos and presentations. But if the subject at hand requires my changing what I DO, then I (and, researchers will tell you, almost everybody else) need to practice the thing I watched, preferably

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Where Do Your Document Creators Live?

eWeek has an interesting article this week on how Yammer is integrating with Microsoft Office. I have been thinking about this: Yammer also showed off its planned Office Web app integration, which [Yammer co-founder and general manager of the Microsoft Office division Adam] Pisoni describes as his favorite. “We have this amazing ability to let

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