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Gotta love Breaking Science News! I normally prettify link text, but in this case, the URL says it all: Raise your hand if you find this shocking. (Didn’t think I’d see any hands…) Per the article: “Freeman and a group of colleagues analyzed 225 studies of undergraduate STEM teaching methods. The meta-analysis, published online

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There’s a buzz around micro-learning in training circles. A brief survey of the training-oriented discussion groups on Linked-in suggests that as with many au-courant terms, this one isn’t very well defined. The basic idea is to break training up into very small, highly digestible “chunks” – but what this looks like in practice varies from

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Formal Learning: ILT or Online?

Gary Duffield did a wonderful post earlier this month on Why a great coffee machine is like a great (instructor led) course. While his organization offers a range of training methodologies, he writes: I fly the flag for training delivered in the classroom, by a subject matter expert. Possibly because Instructor Led Training supported by

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