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The Uncertain Ally

    It’s July 11, 2016. My husband and I stand at the bottom of the steps of the Macon County court house in Decatur, Illinois. We are attending an event put on by local pastors, supporting their efforts to prevent violence in the wake of a shooting, earlier today, of a black fellow-citizen by a

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The Changing eLearning Landscape

The Elearning Media Group recently released its Research Advisory Group Report on the Corporate Segment. It’s a fascinating snapshot, indicating where 268 non-public-sector respondents see things going. It’s worth noting that although most respondents indicated they had a role in tool selection, 51% are trainer/teacher/educators, which is to say they are authoring and delivering training,

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Gotta love Breaking Science News! I normally prettify link text, but in this case, the URL says it all: Raise your hand if you find this shocking. (Didn’t think I’d see any hands…) Per the article: “Freeman and a group of colleagues analyzed 225 studies of undergraduate STEM teaching methods. The meta-analysis, published online

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