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The Tyranny of Tagging

Dave Lee is noticing a pervasive, annoying issue for anyone who has advanced from experimenting with social tagging to depending upon it.  In de.lic.ious and my folksonomy he complains about how searches of his tags weren’t showing some of his bookmarks, because his personal tagging strategy is inconsistent: in my listing of web 2.0 titles,

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Building It, Getting Them to Come Redux – Communities of Practice

Last week, Jay Cross declared something we’ve thought true for a long time: Conversations are a better way to learn than reading blog entries, so I’m remapping my site [to] make it easier to learn from. One of the most active conversations in Jay’s new Ning-based Internet Time Community is “How to start a community?”

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Multi-task This!

Sherry Turkle writes in Forbes this week about the tradeoffs incurred in our technologically-facilitated multi-tasking approach to the world. She observes: The self that grows up with multitasking and rapid response measures success by calls made, e-mails answered and messages responded to. Self-esteem is calibrated by what the technology proposes, by what it makes easy.

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