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Trust in the Learning Organization

There’s a lively discussion in the CLO LinkedIn group about how to build trust in our organizations.  It’s heartening to see how many people in the learning community have thought deeply about this issue. And it makes sense, because as learning professionals, we exercise significant influence over the propagation of our organization’s culture.  The learning

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There’s a buzz around micro-learning in training circles. A brief survey of the training-oriented discussion groups on Linked-in suggests that as with many au-courant terms, this one isn’t very well defined. The basic idea is to break training up into very small, highly digestible “chunks” – but what this looks like in practice varies from

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A Place to Stand

Joel Schectman at the CIO Journal blog at the Wall Street Journal reported last week that the Obama campaign used Salesforce to manage communications with its core constituency. Schectman reports:The tool scoured messages for keywords such as “healthcare” or “education,” and displayed issues on a dashboard campaign staffers could look at to figure out what

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