May 2018 – Fun with Phone (and Tablet) Photography

sunset through cell camera

Our mobile phones and tablets come with increasingly sophisticated cameras on board.  Today we’ll take a look at ways to get great pix and fun things to do with them once we have them.

Let’s start with a few basic guides I found:

Introduction to Smartphone Photography

Take a Selfie!


  • My kids got me this cute little kit. It has a range of lenses (including fisheye), a tripod, and a bluetooth remote, great for getting into a pic that is more than an arm’s length or selfie-stick away.
  • I am not a fan of the selfie-stick, because I am a klutz and likely to bonk somebody with it. But it is a popular option for the more coordinated.

Where to store/manage/share?

Edit or not?

  • There are a lot of simple things that don’t take a lot of time and can make a photo much better. Cropping, in particular, can make a big difference
  • Photo editing can be a rabbit hole down which some people fall and never reappear!
  • Photo editing can be a fun hobby all by itself!

Where to edit?

Make a Slide Show!

Share your slide show on your TV

Share your slide show on YouTube

  • Lots of slide show creators make it easy by just using the “share” button
  • It’s a little more complicated, but doable, with Mac Photos slide show. Pro tip, if you want to share a slideshow created on the mac, it’s easier if you just use their built-in music, because if you use stuff you downloaded from iTunes you risk that your brilliant creation will be silent on YouTube due to copyright restrictions on the music.

Make something tangible! A frameable print or greeting card or t-shirt or calendar or mug or tote bag or jigsaw puzzle!

Most of the places that print photos will also put them on a mug or something

Many of us have, at one time or another, invested in a good camera, and we’re aware that smartphone pix often don’t measure up. But truly, the best camera for capturing a moment is the one you have with you. Most of us have our phones with us much of the time, so take some pix, and have some fun!